gospel activist


Episode 110: The Outsider Test for Faith


Released on 08/27/2015

In this episode: Pastor Kevin discusses John Loftus' 'Outsider Test for Faith'.  Is it a reasonable way to discover if your faith and belief are true?

Episode 109: Church Strategy for Evangelism


Released on 08/13/2015

In this episode: Kevin explores some ways to begin to develop strategies for your church to evangelize people you have relationships with as well as the church's community.



Episode 108: Church Assimilation


Released on 07/09/2015

In this episode Kevin interviews Dr. Stewart Brown from One Heart Ministries on the importance of Church assimilation.  Dr. Brown discusses the importance of assimilation, what it is and why we need it in the church.

To contact Dr. Stewart Brown:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Episode 107: And Then What?


Released on 06/25/2015

In this episode: Kevin discusses the importance of follow-up and discipleship with those who come to faith.

Episode 106: Does and Don'ts of Evangelism


Released on 06/11/2015

I this episode: Kevin looks at some of the things that hinder receptiveness and clear gospel message.  He also explores some of the things that we should be doing as we proclaim the gospel.

Episode 105: Modes and Style of Evangelism


Released on 05/28/2015

In this episode; Kevin looks at the Gift Modes and Styles of Evangelism.  These are some of the ways to share the gospel and the tools.

 Remember the Gospel Podcast.  Kevin was interviewed by Chad Eddy.  You can check out there interview at Remember the Gospel.

Episode 104: Evangelism Encounters 1


Released on 05/14/2015

In this episode: Two stories of Kevin's evangelism encounters.

Episode 103: The Gift of Evangelism


Released on 04/23/2015

In this episode we look at the Gift of Evangelism and whether it is a gift or not.  We also explore the Office of the Evangelist and what that means to the church.

Episode 102: Biblical Foundation for Evangelism


Released on 04/23/2015

In this second episode we look at the biblical foundation for evangelism.  We look at the five foundations in scripture that teach us about evangelism and what God expects of the Christian in this regard.

In this episode we share a clip of what Penn Jillete, an atheist, has to say about procelytizing: Penn Jillette Clip

Episode 101: Defining the Gospel


Released on 04/23/2015

This is our first episode of the Gospel Activist Podcast.

In this episode:

1) The vision of Stepping Out Ministries and the Gospel Activist Podcast.

2) Defining the Gospel. - What information must be communicated in order to clear give the gospel message.