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Discipleship is one of the ways that God grows His church. While we believe that making disciples is a call Jesus has given to every believe we understand that the Bible is the foundation for knowing God and how to serve Him.  This is why the Bible is key to all the discipleship we do in our church.  

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Sunday Study

Sunday after Worship Service.

From time to time we will feature special discipleship events that run over the course of a month to two months.  Some of the topics we have studied are Evangelism, Defending Your Faith (apologetics), Spiritual Disciplines, How To Study the Bible (Hermenutics), Steps to Freedom in Christ and How to Disciple a New Believer (Discipleship).

 Current Study: Hermenutics - How To Study the Bible


Discipleship Series

We encourage each person in our church to disciple and be disicpled.  For this reason we have discipleship books available to be tools for helping in a one-on-one or a group setting to be discipled on the Bible, God and aspects of the Christian faith.

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