We are skipping a chunk of Acts because it teaches some of what we have already learned about the Church.  The focus of this post is on Acts 9:26-31.  This is the story of Saul coming to Jerusalem and the church being leery to welcome him.  They were leery of him with good reason because Saul had persecuted the church heavily; with intense hate.  However, something extraordinary happens here.  Barnabas brings Saul before the apostles and vouched for Saul's conversion and it is upon Barnabas' testimony that the apostles accept Saul.  This is amazing because Saul was a part of stoning Stephen who was a highly respected man in the church.  For the apostles to accept Saul they would have had to forgive Saul.  Later the Hellenists where wanting to kill Saul.  When the church learned of this they sent him to Tarsus.

What we glean from this is that the church listened and accepted the recommendation of Barnabas, a respected leader in the church.  This shows respect towards those who are worthy of respect.  It also shows support and encouragement for the brethren.

There is one more thing to note in this section.  In verse 31 we see that there is a time of peace for the church.  In addition, the church walked in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit.  A result of their walking in the fear of the Lord and the comfort of the Holy Spirit was that it multiplied.  When the church walks in the fear of the Lord and relies on the Holy Spirit it will always multiply.  Thus we, the Church, must take care of each other, fear God and rest in the comfort of the Holy Spirit.