Acts 6:8-8:3 deals with the persecution of the early church.  This is still an important passage to deal with, but we will skip this section since we understand from earlier passages that the Church will be persecuted.  We know turned to two characters in Philip and Simon the sorcerer.

In Acts 8:4-8 and verses 26-40 we see Philip, a deacon, is preaching the Word, doing signs, exorcism and healing the paralysed.  Another title that we see scripture declared of Philip is that of evangelist.  It was an anointing that God gave him to proclaim the gospel and see a harvest of disciples of Jesus.  The evangelist is an important office within the church who helps build up the church by proclaiming the gospel and equipping the church to be evangelizers (Eph 4:11-14).  

 There is a second character in Acts 8; this is Simon the sorcerer.  We see in Acts 8:9-25 that Simon, a sorcerer (magician), becomes saved.  Simon had not received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  He desired the Baptism of the Holy Spirit but with wrong motives.  His desire was for the power and seemingly recognition that was associated with it.  He even offered the Apostles money to gain this power.  Peter saw through this and told Simon that he was asking with the wrong motive and to repent of his desire for power.  Simon seems to have repented in verse 24, but he still does not receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

What we learn about the the church in these two stories is that God gives His power and authority to those in the church whom He chooses and it involves having a right heart before Him with the intention to bring honour and glory to His name alone.  The glory of the Christian and the Church is Christ, not in man.