Gospel Activist Season 2

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Episode 218: The Reliability of the Scriptures


Released on 05/26/2016

In this episode: Kevin discusses how the Bible is reliable and is the Word of God.

Episode 217: Witness Encounters 4

Witness Encounter

Release on 05/12/2016

In this episode: Pastor Kevin shares his experiences sharing the gospel his past summer.

Episode 216: The Gospel and the Workplace.  Inter View with Chad Eddy


Released on 04/28/2016

In this episode: Pastor Kevin interview Chad Eddy from 'Remember the Gospel podcast' on how the gospel affects us in the workplace.

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Sign-up for Updates on Chad’s Book at: http://www.chadeddy.com/rtg-activist/

Visit Chad Eddy at his website: http://www.chadeddy.com

Chad’s podcast: Remember the Gospel

Episode 215: Answering the Slavery Question


Released on 04/14/2016

In this episode: Pastor Kevin discusses the question of slavery.  Does God and the Bible condone slavery?  What is meant be the term slavery?  Is there a difference between the Hebrew idea vs the North American idea?

Episode 214: Answering the Justice Question


Released on 03/24/2016

In this episode: Pastor Kevin discusses the question of justice.  What is justice and is God just?  Can there be justice without punishment?  

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JthHCvLoN_A (1:40:48)

Episode 213: Relationship vs Religion


Released on 03/10/2016

In this episode: Pastor Kevin discuss whether Christianity is about a relationship with God or a religion.

Episode 212: Theological Implications of the Gospel.  Interview with Pastor Chad Graham


Released on 02/25/2016

In this episode: Pastor Kevin has a conversation with Pastor Chad Graham on the gospel and how it affects our daily lives.

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Episode 211: Government Regulations on Evangelism


Released on 02/11/2016

In this episode: In this day and age it is getting harder for Christians to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pastor Kevin discusses what the Government can and cannot enforce when it comes to evangelism in this episode.

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Episode 210: Misconceptions on Evangelism


Released on 01/28/2016

In this episode: Pastor Kevin discusses some of the misconceptions some Christians have about evangelism and some of the excuses used to not share the gospel.

Episode 209: Do Christians and Muslims Believe in the same God?


Released on 01/14/2016

In this episode: Pastor Kevin discusses the issue of do Muslims believe in and worship the same God as Christians and how does that affect our evangelistic efforts with them.

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Episode 208: Christmas Reflection


Released on 12/24/2015

In this episode: Pastor Kevin reflects on his Christmas experiences and the greatest gift of all. 

Little Drummer Boy by Whiteheart on the album Souvenirs.

Episode 207: the Evangelistic Opportunity of Christmas


Released on 12/10/2015

In this episode: Pastor Kevin handles how we can be gospel minded during the Christmas Season. 

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Episode 206: Witness Encounter 3

Witness Encounter

Released on 11/26/2015

I this episode: Kevin goes to the beach to ask the question ‘What is a Christian?’

Music Clip: Whiteheart: Invitaiton from Freedom Album

Episode 205: The Moral Argument


Released on 11/12/2015

In this episode: Kevin looks at the Bible and the importance of knowing and understanding it when we discuss questions about the Bible and its reliability.

Episode 204: Defending Your Faith: Knowing the Bible


Released on 10/22/2015

In this episode: Kevin looks at the Bible and the importance of knowing and understanding it when we discuss questions about the Bible and its reliability.

Episode 203: Witness Encounters 2

Witness Encounter

Released on 10/08/2015

In this episode: Kevin shares a couple of witness encounters from this past summer. Kevin went to the nearby beach and asked people the question, “What does it mean to be human?”

Music Clip: Whiteheart: Invitaiton from Freedom Album

Episode 202: Homosexuality and the Gospel


Released on 09/24/2015

In this episode: Pastor Kevin looks at the subject of Homosexuality and how we are to treat the Homosexual in relation to the Gospel.

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Todd Friel Clip

Audacity Movie

Episode 201: Seven Habits of Outwardly Focused Churches


Released on 09/10/2015

This is our first episode of the Gospel Activist Podcast.

In this episode: Discussion of Thom Rainer's article "Seven Habits of Outwardly Focused Churche's.

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