A Brief History of our Church

In about 1939 there was a need for an English speaking church in Onoway. Thus some English speaking Christians started meeting together in homes. Eventually a Sunday School was started in the Glenford school. The church gain momentum and grew to a point where in 1948 the church moved into the Red and White store in Onoway. One year later the church adopted the name of Onoway Gospel Tabernacle. Rev. Ed McCarthy held services for the first year. In 1949, Rev. Irvin Jane, Rev. Walter Jespersen and Mr. Arthur Chamberlain served as pastors.

20130820 155042In 1952 the congregation was accepted as a member of the Fellowship of Gospel Churches. During this season of the church the Madison Store was purchased to be the new home for the church. Then in 1957 the Fellowship of Gospel Churches was dissolved and so the church sought a new affiliation. The church decided to join the Evangelical Free Church (EFCC) and was renamed as the Evangelical Free Church of Onoway. Mr Harder became the pastor shortly after joining the EFCC.

In 1958 Pastor Bob Steeves came to pastor the church. Pastor Bob pastored for one year with Pastor Charles Moorehouse following and pastoring through 1962. The church continued to grow under both Pastor Steeves and Moorehouse.

In 1973 the church had need of a new church home due to growth. It was at this time that the German Pentecostal Church came up for sale. The church purchased the moved into their new location. This building continues to be the home of the church. At this location we have seen exciting ministry including 14 people being baptized in 1978 and planting a church at Beach Corner in 1981.

The years have seen struggles but also blessed ministry. We continue to seek for full God’s vision for us and to serve Him faithful. As we follow Him faithful He will bring the increase.

Pastors since 1962:

1962-70 Pastor Howard Dreland

1970-75 Pastor Donald Anderson

1975 Pastor Ed Enarson (Interm)

1975 Rev Fred Heffke

1978 Pastor Kroeker

1981-87 Pastor Peter Unger

1987-1996 Pastor Don Brunning

1996-97 Pastor Henry Brinks

1997-2003 Pastor Vic Koop

2003-07 Pastor Loren Kopf (Interm)

2007-08 Dr. Richard Horner

2009-2012 Pastor Wayne Pope

2012 – Present Pastor Kevin Henry