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APD Conference

October 20-21, 2017 @ Lacombe Evangelical Free Church

Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker for this conference is Dr. Paul Magnus who is the Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Management at Briercrest Bible College.  Paul Magnus has been involved in teaching college, seminary and doctoral students for 48 years. 

He served with Briercrest College and Seminary in leadership roles and in teaching, in church transitional leadership roles in two settings, at Tyndale Seminary in the chair of leadership role, and also has been involved with his own coaching and consulting company.

Throughout the journey, over 25 years have been dedicated to teaching leadership and governance.  He has sought to help churches of a wide array of sizes, ranging from congregations of 50, to those of several thousand.

One of his priorities in serving has been to equip leaders and leaders of leaders.

Every effor will be made to make the sessions user-friendly, highly practical, and functional.  Ultimately, board work is about leading leaders, and eldering work is about co-leading with leaders.

Paul grew up in a small community, and, from earliest days of life, attended a Free Church with about 75 people.

Session 1: Organizational Alignment, Integrity and Clarity (Who must do what, and why?).

Session 2: Board Role Expectations, Hats and Best Practices (What is governance, and what is eldering at its best?).

Session 3: Multiplication of Grander Boards and Board Members (How do we muliply strength and impact over time?).


Deadline: Oct 6, 2017

For a form and/or more information on the conference, please contact pastor Kevin. 

We are looking for delegates from our church for this conference.  If you are a member of our church and would like to be a delegate please contact Pastor Kevin.